Testimonial from Julie Ying, Singapore        

Why did I buy Bio Disc? 

Because of my breathing problem.  They said the disc can create energy and can maybe help me solve it.  So I bought one and tried it.

One day while sitting down and reading my newspaper, I suddenly felt very uncomfortable.  I couldn't breathe and so I used the disc and placed it on my chest, slowly feel better.

I drink the Bio water everyday and place the disc under my bed every night.  When I wake up in the morning my body feels very light & fresh.   I also had backache and skin problems.  During the night when I sleep, my skin always felt very itchy.  Now, my backache problem is much better and my skin no longer feels itchy and has become smooth.  Also my breathing problem has been solved.

I can feel it improving my health.                                                                

Thank you.

Julie Ying (21.08.2006)        

Testimonial from Ivy How, Singapore        
Why did I buy this Bio Disc?

I bought it for my mum to use  

Because both my mother’s legs get cramps every morning and her palms are always cold like ice. She always gets a sore throat and ulcers in her mouth. She doesn’t like to drink water because she doesn’t like the taste of the water.  Every night her skin feels itchy and she will scratch herself.

After using Bio Disc for 2 months, she doesn’t feel her legs cramp as often.  Now her palms feel warm and she doesn’t get sore throats and ulcers in her mouth. She now drinks a lot of water everyday because she finds that water tastes better and her skin doesn’t feel itchy anymore.

Ivy How (19.08.2006)        
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For further information, please contact us:
email: info@biodisc-energy.com
phone: +62- 21.708.777.50
mobile: +62- 812.1.0000.51
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Bio Disc, The Miracles of Nature's Healing Power
Bio Disc, The Miracles of Nature's Healing Power

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